Fort Lauderdale Beach.  Beautiful! 

I have spent the last 3 days in Fort Lauderdale Beach enjoying the bright sun and the warm ocean. 

Beach Life is Healty

Ft. Lauderdale is a great place to decompress. Someone about the sun and ocean air makes you feel like excercise got and eating Healthy.   I had water and fruit several times for lunch.  

Recovering from Hurricane Irma 

The beach is bouncing back from Hurricane Irma.  Crews are busy cleaning the streets and restoring the beach. 

Man these kids have real beach toys!

The crews are restoring the beach by returning the sand to the waterfron and screening the sand.  The beach is a major economc attraction and it looks like the city is spending the money to make the beach beautiful again.


Where to Stay and Dine

I usually stay st the Bahia Maha, Doubletree Hotel because of their pool and east access to the beach. This visit the Doubletree was all booked up and under repair.   I found a nice room at the Royal Palms Hotel for $100.00 per night and located only two blocks from the beach.  The hotel is clean, has 2 pools and reminds me of classic art deco hotels.  I was able to take the free bar hopper shuttle or Lyft to the resturants and bars .

The ElboRoom was packed with people And had a live band playing Rick.   Next door to the Elbow room there was a live acoustic guitar player / singer and a Tango dancer which was very entertaining.  

I recommend eating at Coconuts Resturant which has amazing food.  I enjoyed coconut shrimp, salad with hearts or palm, fresh dressing and a tasty blackened Snapper. There is a little bit of a wait but the waterside bar will help you pass the time. 

Bluestone Brewing Company, Sayre, PA


There are not a lot of rest areas or restaurants to stop at on Route 86 in Upstate NY when driving north of Binghamton. There certainly are not many places to get good food.  I like pointing out nice places to stop and visit along our frequently traveled roadways.

On a recent trip to Erie PA, I stopped over in Sayre PA which is located about 1 mile from Exit 60 on NY Route 86 via Route 220 south in Pennsylvania.  (

Sayre is a kind of Oasis from the desolate Route 86 roadway from Binghamton to Erie PA. I often stay at the Hampton Inn in Sayre when I am in the area.  Here in Sayre, I found a brewery restaurant behind the Hampton Inn. The Bluestone Brewing Company is located at 18 Pitney Street in Sayre, PA.  The Brewery is in a new building that has natural wood walls and ceilings.  The tables are polished metal.

I stopped for lunch and had the Grilled Chicken Wrap with chips.  The food was very good and fresh.  I would have liked to taste a little more pop in the wrap but is was very good.  I like how the Bluestone Brewery promotes local business like Northern Tier Greens in Burlington PA and Cuba Cheese Shop, Cuba, NY.  Clean food is a concern for many people these days and the Bluestone Brewery seems to do a great job of using farm fresh ingredients and supporting other local businesses.

I talked to the waiter about the history of the restaurant and the types of beer they brew.  I learned what ingredients go into the One More Blonde Beer and even what the 1537 beer is named after.

I enjoyed speaking with Thad York, Head Brewer.   I found it interesting how he got a brew kit for Christmas five years ago and now has his own brewery and restaurant.  Thad later wants to try his hand a being a distiller and make whiskey.  I complemented Thad on his ability to get a project done and asked him how he overcomes obstacles.  Thad told me that “Learning is Life.”  Thad is one of five owners who seem to know how to take an idea from conception to reality and excellence.

Thad treated me to a tour of the brewing area of the business and explained how they brew their beer.  This is where I found out where the name “1537” comes from for his flagship beer. I was also treated to the heartbeat of the brewery, the cooling room where beer is cooled and stored.

I found it amazing how organized the business was, he told me one of the partners is a business management professor at a local college.  The use of management principles and best practices shows.

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I recommend stopping in at the Bluestone Brewery when you’re in upstate New York or PA.  This restaurant is friendly and a comfortable atmosphere.  Perhaps in the near future, you can get some bluestone whiskey in addition to a 1537 or One More Blonde beer.  I’m looking forward to exploring more in the Sayre area and the Endless Mountain region.

Please be sure to leave comments about the Bluestone Brewery below and share this article with friends

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Maryland Crab Cake Comparison 

I have had some excellent crab cakes in Maryland.  I have enjoyed the colossal large lump crab cakes at G and M Crabcakes in Linthicum Heights, by BWI.  More recently I enjoyed a refined crab cake at Woody’ in Northeast Maryland.

G and M Crabcakes, Linthicum Heights

I was introduced to G and M by my good friend Jason. G and M is one of those local places that people use as the gold standard for food.  You may see people having dinner celebrating an anniversary or a birthday.  G and M is always busy in the evening.  Go early for dinner or you can eat in the take out section.

G and M also has a huge business shipping crab products around the world.

Phillips Seafood, Baltimore

I sampled the Phillips crab cake with salad the crab cake was a four-ounce crab cake served with greens, asparagus, and corn.  The crab cake was fresh Blue Crab and nicely spiced with Phillips own Seafood Seasoning.  The greens in the salad were nicely complemented by a light vinaigrette.  The corn was surprisingly tasty with the salad.

Phillips Seafood restaurant is a comfortable setting for lunch or dinner. Service was prompt and courteous. The wait staff was well informed about the food and ingredients. An extra mark for the wait staff (Heather and Nick).

Woody’s Northeast Maryland

I discovered Woody’s by following a highway sign on Route 95 South at Exit 100.   Woody’s is a real local restaurant for the crab experience. Woody’s covers the tables with paper and serves up fresh blue crab in all forms.  They also have King Alaskan crab and crab soup.

I find crab a lot of work for the yield compared to lobster. I recently tried the crab sampler to get some crab meat and save myself the frustration of picking a crab and lacerating my fingertips on sharp, gnarly crab shells.

My next resturants to check out are Averys. and. Mays.  In Fredrick Maryland

Subject: Your Path to Online Wealth is Clearly Marked…

Finish this statement:

“If it seems too good to be true, becasue ____________.”

We all get those emails in our in-boxes—you know the kind, right? They go something like this:

Imagine the warmth of a tropical breeze as you dig your toes into the white sand. The tinkling of a distant ukulele caresses your ears as the clear aqua tide laps the sandy beach before you.

With your laptop nestled between your deeply-tanned brown legs and washboard stomach, you perform a few quick keystrokes, pull up your online dashboard and discover several deposits into your checking account—sales commissions from your new internet business.

“You’re $50,000 richer overnight.

“Wow,” you chuckle to yourself. “Who would ever believe I could make this kind of money in just a couple weeks? Working only minutes a day?”

You close the laptop and drift off into a contented slumber. Tomorrow you’ll awake, completely refreshed with plenty of energy to check your dashboard again and count your growing fortune.

Yeah…. Right.

Let me assure you right now that you’re not going to see or hear anything like that at the IM Freedom Workshop. (“IM” stands for “Internet Marketing.”)   <<<<LEARN MORE >>>

IM Freedom is a FREE two-hour live event where you will discover Matt Lloyd’s proven business system that’s paid out more than $70 million in commissions to people in 38 countries around the world.

These are commissions of $1,250, $3,300, $5,500, and more, on a single sale.

Plenty of people have used this system to profit from the Internet and attain financial freedom:

* Darren Salkeld, from Canada, $7.9 million

* Paul Lynch, from the UK, $1.9 million

* Bill and Michelle Pescosolido, from Florida, $848,000

Now, those kinds of numbers aren’t typical, but they show you what is possible with the right training. And that’s the kind of training you will receive at the IM Freedom Workshop.

Let me be totally clear: Many people have gotten rich with this system, but it’s not “get-rich-quick.” The system doesn’t do the work. It enables you do it:

* No guesswork

* No coding or website-building

* No cold calling

* No business experience necessary

It’s like a path that has been completely marked out. All you have to do is walk on it.

You just need to arrive at the IM Freedom Workshop. When you hear about Matt’s system, it will make perfect sense.

IM Freedom Workshops fill up fast. Seating is limited and when we reach the limit, registration closes and you miss out. So don’t wait…register now.


Steven Kanarian

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Do You Love Your Job?


Most people, when asked that question, hesitate before answering.

They’re grateful to have an income… Some are happy to have a daily routine… The money’s not great buy it keeps the mortgage or rent paid and gas in the tank… They don’t want to jinx that….

Sure, some people blurt out, “I hate my job!” And some describe it as if it were a dearly beloved person.

But 70 percent of U.S. employees are somewhere in between—disengaged, unsatisfied and un-enthusiastic about their jobs. (This is according to a recent Gallup poll.)

Have you ever driven in your car far from the city and suburbs? You turn on your radio and all you get is that sort of fuzzy hissing sound? It’s static.

How long can you listen to it? Not very long, I’m going to guess.

Why? There’s no change. It’s boring. You can’t sing along with it, can’t pump your fist…so you turn off the radio.

When you have a job that you don’t love, it’s also like static. You show up every day. Go through the motions. Collect your pay at the end of the week. Pay your bills. Come Monday, you’re back at work, going through the motions. It’s boring. There’s no change. It’s static.

You can’t turn it off like a radio so, as the Gallup poll showed, you turn yourself off. You disengage.

You’d rather be somewhere else, doing something interesting. Being with people you like to be with. Not working if you don’t want to, right? But you have to have money, too. (Better yet, a lot more money than you’re making right now.)

At the IM (Internet Marketing) Freedom Workshop, you will find out about a proven system that tens of thousands of people are using to make more money in a month—part-time—than most people make in a year.

And it won’t cost you anything to find out about this system.

The IM Freedom Workshop is a FREE, two-hour live event in your local area. At IM Freedom, you will discover how people just like you profit from the Internet—working just a few hours a day, making commissions of $1,250, $3,300, $5,500, and more.

They achieve financial freedom and time freedom. They can work from anywhere they want.

Life becomes anything but static.

Register now. These events usually fill up quick. Then we will have to close registration. It could be quite some time before we come back to the area.

So, register now.   Plan on being there and finding out how to work less, make more, and have a static-free life.


Steve Kanarian


Montego Bay Jamaica Sun, Fun and a New Business. A trip ou Can Deduct!

Learn how I traveled to Jamaica on business and deducted the whole thing!

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One of my life’s dreams has always been to travel to the Caribbean every winter. Actually, I have always wanted a BMW 528i and to travel to the Caribbean every winter!  Seems like achievable goals, don’t they?  I recently took a business vacation to  Montego Bay that allowed me to relax and enjoy the sun while attending a conference.

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I traveled to Montego Bay to attend a business conference at the Hilton Rose Hotel.  The travel and cost of the conference were tax deductible because it was a business conference!  How can you beat that?

The Hilton Rose Hotel is located in a beautiful location on the Caribbean Ocean. I was impressed by the friendliness and down to earth nature of the servers at this hotel. The Jamaican mindset is much more down to earth than the United States.  The Hilton Rose Hotel has 5 different restaurants, a water park,  a beach for relaxing in the Caribbean sun and an 18-hole golf course.

What dreams and financial goals would you like to achieve? 

– Be home more with your kids and stop working so much?

– Freedom to travel or pursue recreation while not having to worry about going to work every day? 

– Travel cross-country and see the national parks?

– Perhaps you would love to fish and hike all season while your business ran automated bringing in cash to support you!

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The business seminar I was attending was about how to have your own on-line business and leverage your abilities to set-up a business that would bring you income. We all know that work usually means a “dollar-for-hour” trade.

Would you like to learn how you can earn income by setting a business in motion and automating it to make money?   Would you like to learn how to start your business with a company that provides you on-line courses, and has a lot of the support in place for you?

I know an on-line business sounds like an impossible dream available only to tech nerds. I know it is hard to start your own business and do all the work.  We don’t have the time to dedicate to building an e-mail list, landing pages and write books for profit.  Would you like to be part of a business that has the work done for you and a record of success?

Would you like to learn how to start your business with a company that provides you on-line courses, E-Books and products you can promote and profit from?

We offer an on-line course so you can learn the options available for on-line business.  Why not try the on-line course and explore the options?

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Conference topics

During this conference, I attended seminars about leveraging technology to bring easier income, how to scale your business and the importance of a business plan and procedures.

We were treated to the surprise appearance of Noah St. John who is a famous self-help author who specializes in the mental “Inner Game.”  Noah discussed how goals and business on the outside are important but you have to address your “mind trash” first before you can really succeed.


We also listened to John Chow an Internet entrepreneur who talked about the essential parts of a blog post and how to get organic traffic.  Traffic that comes to your blog by virtue of a post or a video is called organic.  Paid traffic is just what it sounds, paying to have traffic sent to your blog.

John Chow is the man who “makes money talking about how he makes money on the internet”, a real character who is glad to share tips and suggestions to help others succeed.  John chow also lectured about how to make a great video and get clear sound for your videos.


I have read about blogs, e-mail auto-responders and landing pages for several years.  Advancing my business online and promoting my books has been slow due to information overload and not having a clear path.  I found the conference very helpful to spend a week with like-minded individuals who want the same success as I do.  I also was able to form some friendships with people who now help me succeed and add talent to my business team.

Would you like to learn more about how you can start your own business and enjoy travel while developing your on-line business?


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How to succeed with your on-line business. Set your GPS for success!

images         Have you ever told yourself, “Watch me break this glass?” Just before breaking a delicate wine glass?

Or, “Watch me as I fall on these stairs?” Before falling?

Have you ever gone out of your lane on the highway while watching the car next to you?

Our minds work like GPS.  If you dwell on a destination your mind will draw you closer to that desired goal. Treat your brain like GPS and ask, “How do I best reach that goal?”  Just enter the outcome you desire into your mind and select start!  Your brain will find the best path to reach your destination.

This is what we have been doing all our lives. Concentrate on a goal and work toward the goal you will reach your destination.

Mindset determines your destination

One day I was driving with a friend and consoling him about wrecking his sports.   car about how accidents happen all the time and it is no big thing. Right before getting into an accident while talking about how accidents happen all the time!

I also once had a dream of going to Australia and I worked at it until I found a way to go.  I also told myself I always want to have a BMW 528i and I have now for the past 5 years.

What do you want out of life? A car, vacation or a big trip you have been putting off?


Make your living in the digital world and live the Dot Com lifestyle

We have been taught that you HAVE to go to a job, work hard and long hours to make it.

Work hard – Not to succeed but just make it!  This is the agricultural mindset.  Believe me, I grew up on Agricultural Avenue!  We gardened, cut trees, split wood and shoveled the driveway when it snowed.  We could not “right-click” life that was for sure!

We have been taught you have to go to a job and work there 40 hours a week.  In the 20th century, people had to go to the cities to work in factories.  This is when America was producing products from natural resources.  This is the industrial mindset.

Some people spent entire lives going to an office building to do work on ledgers, create advertisements and market products.  Now they can do marketing and sales on a laptop computer and their cell phone while living the Dot Com Lifestyle.  This is the digital age, there is no need to commute to work anymore.



You see these Digital entrepreneurs working by the pool, in the park or while being with their family!  IMG_0965


John Chow is “The man who makes money, telling people how he makes money on-line!”

John always says, “The Dot Com lifestyle is time freedom, location freedom, and financial freedom.”

You can now have your own business to achieve time freedom, location freedom, and money freedom.

You can break the bonds of having to work in a location for 40 hours a week just to get by.

How much time do you spend commuting to get to and from work?

What could you do with that time?

You can achieve location, time and money freedom by using the internet and live the Dot Com lifestyle.


Stop using an industrial age mentality in the Dot Com age.

We CAN change our lives, by changing our mindset….


Switch from—-

  • “I have to drive to work and clock in to make money.”
  • ‘I have to work overtime or a second job TO GET AHEAD.”
  • “I have to work 10 hours extra a week FOR 30 WEEKS to pay my credit cards off.”
  • “I have to work until age 65.”

Change your mindset to—

-”I can make money for myself working via computer.”

-“I can sell products people need.”

-“I can work wherever I want, set my own hours and do the things I really want to do in life.”

-“I can be my own boss and control my destiny.”


SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE.  Making money on the internet is a simple and effective way to make money. 


I know because I have spent a ton of money trying to succeed. People have been making money off of me for years.   LOL!



There are people making money on-line.  They acclaim “Make 6 figures a year with this strategy.”

Testimonials are one thing. But are they really making money? We have a hard time truly believing these people are successful.


Really I would love to supplement my income by making 3 or 4 figures a month. Who really need 6 figures?  I would love an extra 2 or 3 thousand a month.


Meeting people and getting to know and work with them is quite another story.   Working with successful people is the key.  I work with John Chow and Jill Veverka.

John Chow, makes 2 million a year from blogging and selling on his blog.



Jill Veverka made $30,000 in 1 year!




We should get our piece of the Dot Com pie.

I’m not greedy.  I would love to make 4 figures a year.  Maybe an extra $5,500. a month. 

After consuming so much information I have switched from being a consumer to a seller of information and products.  In one week I made $1,600.00 dollars! I also get royalties from book sales.


This is an actual result I had in one week.






I get quarterly checks from, The Downwind Walk: A USAR Paramedics Experiences after the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001. This book I wrote to teach the next generation of EMS providers how to stay safe.after experiencing September 11, 2001, with the New York City Fire Department.


I made 100 sales that night and donated the profit to responders who were affected by 9/11.

To me that is the highest level of success, helping others!

I am now building on my successes of blogging, writing, teaching and helping others improve to be successful in the digital world.   Working to build traffic and increase my profits.








Yes you can make money in the digital world and live the dot com lifestyle.


Think about what you have done in life.

What was the hardest thing you have done? Landscaping, roofing, working for a boss 60 hours a week?


What is the best accomplishment you have achieved?


If you are raising kids on your own and working or going to school that is hard.

You can do whatever you want. Period.


Then what is stopping us?

The anchor that has been holding us back is ourselves.  Our lack of confidence and the negative message we are playing in our heads.  Time to take out your mind trash and set a new destination.


“You are your only limit.”  (picture of  Spartan race!)

Let me prove to you can make money in the digital / automation world.


Do you have a desire to make money?

Would you like to help others succeed in life?

Can you write an e-mail?

Can you use Facebook?

Have you ever taken video or a digital photo?

Do you use YouTube?

Have you ever written a letter or a blog post?


Why not cash in on these skills and live a better life?


Which do you refer, traffic or the beach. Let’s drive on-line traffic so we can park on the beach!  Are you with me?




Click here to get started with your Internet Business.



You are travelling somewhere as we speak.  Why not set your destination to success and live the life you want by changing your mindset?

If you are happy with life the way it is now I am glad for you.  Thanks for your time.


If you would like to make more money and have more time to do what you like in life

Click here_____


You will be taken to a course that will orient you to the possibilities and strategies for making money on line.


The course has a money back guarantee so there is no risk.





For next step:

Can add comparison of agricultural, industrial and digital ages to

Do it all yourself


Have made

Automate it







Limitless Thinking Enables us to Change our Mindset.

The Rat Race: Trading Hours For Dollars

Change your hour for dollars mindset: //“>Click here now to receive your free book: Limitless by Matt Llyod.

The Problem

I was having a conversation with a paramedic partner of mine who said he owed $7,200.oo on his credit card.  “Dave, aren’t you concerned?” I asked. ”

“Nah, when I need to I will do some overtime,” Dave said.

“Dave, we take home about $150.00 dollars for each overtime shift. That means you would have to do 47 shifts of overtime if you can get the shifts.  Plus, you take college classes and have a wife. When exactly do you plan on doing these shifts?”

Dave thought.  “You’re right, if I had to do 2 shifts a week, I wouldn’t be paid off for 24 weeks of doing two overtime shifts a month. If I can get the overtime.  Plus there is nothing to say I would not charge more in those weeks.”

The Limited Mindset

We are brought up conditioned that you get paid by the hour and get overtime for an hour over 40 hours in a week.  We learn to charge things on credit and play catch up.  The problem with trading hours for money is we only have 168 hours in a week.  We are limited by our thought of trading time for money.

What if we could make money based on the value we offer people rather than the hours we work for others?  We are all held back by our limited thinking.

I explained this to Dave and he replied, ” You cannot make money other than showing up for a job.”

“Sure you can Dave.  If you think like the owner and provide value to people you can make money out of proportion to your available: For example, my book, The Downwind Walk   A USAR Paramedics experience’s after the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001 is for sale on   I wrote the book and sell it on-line.  I did the work and produced a product.  I get a check every quarter based on sale sI make.  Although it is not a lot, I am bringing on money while doing other things.”

Dave replied, “That really doesn’t count because you donate the money to EMT’s and Paramedics who are affected by 9/11. For example, you can donate to help a paramedic who is ill from 9/11 and I will send you a free autographed book. 

Changing Your Mindset

“Dave, we are limited by our mindset of working the hour for dollar rat race.  We were brought up that way and we have to change for the new times.  I have enjoyed working by the hour and then teaching.  But now I am working on building a business I can make income from on the side.  Maybe one day I can retire and travel rather than have o work 50 hours a week and spend my days off resting.  My friend Matt Lloyd wrote a book called Limitless, Escape the Rat Race and Make Money in the New Economy.  If you want I can have him send you a copy.”

Dave thought for a second, “The book is free?  I guess it can’t hurt to read a free book.”

“I’m telling you Dave, making money based on value and knowledge is much better than being paid by the hour. Take a second now and e-mail Matt so he can send you a free book.  I don’t know if he can keep giving out books for long.

Change your hour for dollars mindset: //“>Click here now to receive your free book: Limitless by Matt Llyod.

Clear Steps Bring Great Results

Enough! We all know what we want in life.

Step 1) Close your eyes, take a deep breath and think of what you truly want. Exhale over 4 seconds and think of 3 steps you need to take to reach your goal. Repeat daily until you get a clear image of what you want.


Step 2) Draw a staircase with 3 steps.  Draw something or write words about your goal.  Write down these three steps, one on each stair. 

Commit to doing that first thing today. Now while you are thinking of it. 

By writing down the fist three steps your removing the uncertainty and the fog over your staircase to success.

“What if? But? “

Take your “what if’s, but’s” and negative influences in your life, put them in a can and mentally put that can in the trash. Bye, Gone, Done. Forever.

Are You “Going to Australia?”

When I was in my 20’s I was working hard as a paramedic in the Bronx.  I dreamed of going to Australia for years. I talked about it, I researched it and thought about it. I analyzed and dreamed until I found a friend who would go with me. A partner in my journey.

I went to the travel agency and booked the trip to Australia.  Baam!  it was done.

I learned the longest part of any goal is from the brain to the hand.  Transforming the idea or dream to reality takes a decision and action.  Once you flip that switch the energy flows and the bright lights shine on your ambitions.  The decision to go was realized by the action to book the trip because I had a friend to go with and took action.

I actually have been thinking about starting this site to help people reach ambition for a long time. Today I said enough!” I am going to sit down and do this now before I do anything else.

You have already taken 3 steps toward your goal.  You will get closer to your goal with every action.

Homework: Twice a day stop and close your eyes.  Think of your ambition and see yourself climbing those 3 steps.  Each each step bringing you closer to the your goal.  Breathe in and climb a step, exhale saying, “I am realizing my dream. Breathe in and step toward your goal

You will find yourself breathing in and repeating these words to yourself.  The more you anticipate what you want, the closer you get to reaching that goal.

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