Clear Steps Bring Great Results

Enough! We all know what we want in life.

Step 1) Close your eyes, take a deep breath and think of what you truly want. Exhale over 4 seconds and think of 3 steps you need to take to reach your goal. Repeat daily until you get a clear image of what you want.


Step 2) Draw a staircase with 3 steps.  Draw something or write words about your goal.  Write down these three steps, one on each stair. 

Commit to doing that first thing today. Now while you are thinking of it. 

By writing down the fist three steps your removing the uncertainty and the fog over your staircase to success.

“What if? But? “

Take your “what if’s, but’s” and negative influences in your life, put them in a can and mentally put that can in the trash. Bye, Gone, Done. Forever.

Are You “Going to Australia?”

When I was in my 20’s I was working hard as a paramedic in the Bronx.  I dreamed of going to Australia for years. I talked about it, I researched it and thought about it. I analyzed and dreamed until I found a friend who would go with me. A partner in my journey.

I went to the travel agency and booked the trip to Australia.  Baam!  it was done.

I learned the longest part of any goal is from the brain to the hand.  Transforming the idea or dream to reality takes a decision and action.  Once you flip that switch the energy flows and the bright lights shine on your ambitions.  The decision to go was realized by the action to book the trip because I had a friend to go with and took action.

I actually have been thinking about starting this site to help people reach ambition for a long time. Today I said enough!” I am going to sit down and do this now before I do anything else.

You have already taken 3 steps toward your goal.  You will get closer to your goal with every action.

Homework: Twice a day stop and close your eyes.  Think of your ambition and see yourself climbing those 3 steps.  Each each step bringing you closer to the your goal.  Breathe in and climb a step, exhale saying, “I am realizing my dream. Breathe in and step toward your goal

You will find yourself breathing in and repeating these words to yourself.  The more you anticipate what you want, the closer you get to reaching that goal.