How to succeed with your on-line business. Set your GPS for success!

images         Have you ever told yourself, “Watch me break this glass?” Just before breaking a delicate wine glass?

Or, “Watch me as I fall on these stairs?” Before falling?

Have you ever gone out of your lane on the highway while watching the car next to you?

Our minds work like GPS.  If you dwell on a destination your mind will draw you closer to that desired goal. Treat your brain like GPS and ask, “How do I best reach that goal?”  Just enter the outcome you desire into your mind and select start!  Your brain will find the best path to reach your destination.

This is what we have been doing all our lives. Concentrate on a goal and work toward the goal you will reach your destination.

Mindset determines your destination

One day I was driving with a friend and consoling him about wrecking his sports.   car about how accidents happen all the time and it is no big thing. Right before getting into an accident while talking about how accidents happen all the time!

I also once had a dream of going to Australia and I worked at it until I found a way to go.  I also told myself I always want to have a BMW 528i and I have now for the past 5 years.

What do you want out of life? A car, vacation or a big trip you have been putting off?


Make your living in the digital world and live the Dot Com lifestyle

We have been taught that you HAVE to go to a job, work hard and long hours to make it.

Work hard – Not to succeed but just make it!  This is the agricultural mindset.  Believe me, I grew up on Agricultural Avenue!  We gardened, cut trees, split wood and shoveled the driveway when it snowed.  We could not “right-click” life that was for sure!

We have been taught you have to go to a job and work there 40 hours a week.  In the 20th century, people had to go to the cities to work in factories.  This is when America was producing products from natural resources.  This is the industrial mindset.

Some people spent entire lives going to an office building to do work on ledgers, create advertisements and market products.  Now they can do marketing and sales on a laptop computer and their cell phone while living the Dot Com Lifestyle.  This is the digital age, there is no need to commute to work anymore.



You see these Digital entrepreneurs working by the pool, in the park or while being with their family!  IMG_0965


John Chow is “The man who makes money, telling people how he makes money on-line!”

John always says, “The Dot Com lifestyle is time freedom, location freedom, and financial freedom.”

You can now have your own business to achieve time freedom, location freedom, and money freedom.

You can break the bonds of having to work in a location for 40 hours a week just to get by.

How much time do you spend commuting to get to and from work?

What could you do with that time?

You can achieve location, time and money freedom by using the internet and live the Dot Com lifestyle.


Stop using an industrial age mentality in the Dot Com age.

We CAN change our lives, by changing our mindset….


Switch from—-

  • “I have to drive to work and clock in to make money.”
  • ‘I have to work overtime or a second job TO GET AHEAD.”
  • “I have to work 10 hours extra a week FOR 30 WEEKS to pay my credit cards off.”
  • “I have to work until age 65.”

Change your mindset to—

-”I can make money for myself working via computer.”

-“I can sell products people need.”

-“I can work wherever I want, set my own hours and do the things I really want to do in life.”

-“I can be my own boss and control my destiny.”


SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE.  Making money on the internet is a simple and effective way to make money. 


I know because I have spent a ton of money trying to succeed. People have been making money off of me for years.   LOL!



There are people making money on-line.  They acclaim “Make 6 figures a year with this strategy.”

Testimonials are one thing. But are they really making money? We have a hard time truly believing these people are successful.


Really I would love to supplement my income by making 3 or 4 figures a month. Who really need 6 figures?  I would love an extra 2 or 3 thousand a month.


Meeting people and getting to know and work with them is quite another story.   Working with successful people is the key.  I work with John Chow and Jill Veverka.

John Chow, makes 2 million a year from blogging and selling on his blog.



Jill Veverka made $30,000 in 1 year!




We should get our piece of the Dot Com pie.

I’m not greedy.  I would love to make 4 figures a year.  Maybe an extra $5,500. a month. 

After consuming so much information I have switched from being a consumer to a seller of information and products.  In one week I made $1,600.00 dollars! I also get royalties from book sales.


This is an actual result I had in one week.






I get quarterly checks from, The Downwind Walk: A USAR Paramedics Experiences after the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001. This book I wrote to teach the next generation of EMS providers how to stay safe.after experiencing September 11, 2001, with the New York City Fire Department.


I made 100 sales that night and donated the profit to responders who were affected by 9/11.

To me that is the highest level of success, helping others!

I am now building on my successes of blogging, writing, teaching and helping others improve to be successful in the digital world.   Working to build traffic and increase my profits.








Yes you can make money in the digital world and live the dot com lifestyle.


Think about what you have done in life.

What was the hardest thing you have done? Landscaping, roofing, working for a boss 60 hours a week?


What is the best accomplishment you have achieved?


If you are raising kids on your own and working or going to school that is hard.

You can do whatever you want. Period.


Then what is stopping us?

The anchor that has been holding us back is ourselves.  Our lack of confidence and the negative message we are playing in our heads.  Time to take out your mind trash and set a new destination.


“You are your only limit.”  (picture of  Spartan race!)

Let me prove to you can make money in the digital / automation world.


Do you have a desire to make money?

Would you like to help others succeed in life?

Can you write an e-mail?

Can you use Facebook?

Have you ever taken video or a digital photo?

Do you use YouTube?

Have you ever written a letter or a blog post?


Why not cash in on these skills and live a better life?


Which do you refer, traffic or the beach. Let’s drive on-line traffic so we can park on the beach!  Are you with me?




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You are travelling somewhere as we speak.  Why not set your destination to success and live the life you want by changing your mindset?

If you are happy with life the way it is now I am glad for you.  Thanks for your time.


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