Montego Bay Jamaica Sun, Fun and a New Business. A trip ou Can Deduct!

Learn how I traveled to Jamaica on business and deducted the whole thing!

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One of my life’s dreams has always been to travel to the Caribbean every winter. Actually, I have always wanted a BMW 528i and to travel to the Caribbean every winter!  Seems like achievable goals, don’t they?  I recently took a business vacation to  Montego Bay that allowed me to relax and enjoy the sun while attending a conference.

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I traveled to Montego Bay to attend a business conference at the Hilton Rose Hotel.  The travel and cost of the conference were tax deductible because it was a business conference!  How can you beat that?

The Hilton Rose Hotel is located in a beautiful location on the Caribbean Ocean. I was impressed by the friendliness and down to earth nature of the servers at this hotel. The Jamaican mindset is much more down to earth than the United States.  The Hilton Rose Hotel has 5 different restaurants, a water park,  a beach for relaxing in the Caribbean sun and an 18-hole golf course.

What dreams and financial goals would you like to achieve? 

– Be home more with your kids and stop working so much?

– Freedom to travel or pursue recreation while not having to worry about going to work every day? 

– Travel cross-country and see the national parks?

– Perhaps you would love to fish and hike all season while your business ran automated bringing in cash to support you!

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The business seminar I was attending was about how to have your own on-line business and leverage your abilities to set-up a business that would bring you income. We all know that work usually means a “dollar-for-hour” trade.

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I know an on-line business sounds like an impossible dream available only to tech nerds. I know it is hard to start your own business and do all the work.  We don’t have the time to dedicate to building an e-mail list, landing pages and write books for profit.  Would you like to be part of a business that has the work done for you and a record of success?

Would you like to learn how to start your business with a company that provides you on-line courses, E-Books and products you can promote and profit from?

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Conference topics

During this conference, I attended seminars about leveraging technology to bring easier income, how to scale your business and the importance of a business plan and procedures.

We were treated to the surprise appearance of Noah St. John who is a famous self-help author who specializes in the mental “Inner Game.”  Noah discussed how goals and business on the outside are important but you have to address your “mind trash” first before you can really succeed.


We also listened to John Chow an Internet entrepreneur who talked about the essential parts of a blog post and how to get organic traffic.  Traffic that comes to your blog by virtue of a post or a video is called organic.  Paid traffic is just what it sounds, paying to have traffic sent to your blog.

John Chow is the man who “makes money talking about how he makes money on the internet”, a real character who is glad to share tips and suggestions to help others succeed.  John chow also lectured about how to make a great video and get clear sound for your videos.


I have read about blogs, e-mail auto-responders and landing pages for several years.  Advancing my business online and promoting my books has been slow due to information overload and not having a clear path.  I found the conference very helpful to spend a week with like-minded individuals who want the same success as I do.  I also was able to form some friendships with people who now help me succeed and add talent to my business team.

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