Why New Years Resolutions Do Not Work

Every year millions of well-meaning people wonder why New Years Resolutions do not work.  We sit there and say, I will lose 25 pounds before May 15th this year.  Week by week time passes and we say, “I will lose 25 pounds by May15th.” We may even work out and try to eat better and use positive thinking by saying, “I am losing weight and now weigh 25 pounds less.”

But we both know it doesn’t work.  Why is that New Years Resolutions Do not Work?  A resolution is like passing a law. “It is resolved. Done.”

This doesn’t work because you are not following a plan and taking steps that contribute to your weight loss or other goals. Your brain is smart and knows it is not true.

The Answer Revealed:

I have been listening to Noah St. John’s Book, The Secret Code of Success, where he explains why asking the positive question unlocks the power of your brain to find the answers.  By asking, “Why is it so easy for me to lose weight?”,  you are putting your most powerful search engine, your brain to work on the solutions like eating right, getting a meal plan, drinking water and using a professional coach that knows how to get you to your goals all help you reach your goal.

Asking the positive question of, “how is it so easy for me to lose weight?”,  we are unlocking the power of our brain to find the solutions and narrow the gap between being overweight, to reaching our goal.

I have found asking the positive question to reach my goals is like switching the faucet from off to on and success flows freely. The positive question gets your brain working on the problem and moving you toward solutions.