Best Tip Ever: How to go From Changing Sheets to Changing Your Life

When I stay at a hotel I always leave a tip for the house staff.  I leave a tip based on what I have done to the room.  If I stay overnight and leave a leave very little ($2.00 per day).   If I stay there for several days and make a mess, have food boxes and stuff I leave a big tip

I have a tremendous amount of respect for house staff that do the same thing every day, clean rooms, change towels and change sheets.


I could not do the same thing every day.  The only solace I would have was thinking of the movie Groundhog day with Bill Murray and trying to do better each day and be nice to people. ( I love it when people leave a note in my room!)


I want to ask you-  “Do you want to keep changing sheets or do you want to change your life?”


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