Retirement Income

I am retired from a major metropolitan fire department and want to make more money.  However, I DO NOT want to have a 9-5 job, a long commute or have to sign in to work!image3

I have been making money through speaking, writing and having an online sales business!


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I do want to make money with automated sales online.

Would you like to have a business where you can set the process in motion and have free time?

There are several options for to make money online and leverage your effort:

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Would you like to learn how to:

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-Have time freedom to work on your schedule?

– Buy that new car you want.

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We have the mindset that we have to work more hours to earn more money.  Whether we have a second job or do overtime we try to get ahead. You can start an on-line business and have your own revenue generating  business that gives you money for value rather


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Reach your goals by taking action:

Are You “Going to Australia?”

When I was in my 20’s I was working hard as a paramedic in the Bronx.  I dreamed of going to Australia for years. I talked about it, I researched it and thought about it. I analyzed and dreamed until I found a friend who would go with me. A partner in my journey.

I went to the travel agency and booked the trip to Australia.  Baam!  it was done.

I learned the longest part of any goal is from the brain to the hand.  Transforming the idea or dream to reality takes a decision and action.  Once you flip that switch the energy flows and the bright lights shine on your ambitions.  The decision to go was realized by the action to book the trip because I had a friend to go with and took action.

I actually have been thinking about starting this site to help people reach ambition for a long time. Today I said enough!” I am going to sit down and do this now before I do anything else.

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