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Stop The “Dollar-for-Hour” Rat Race:

The Problem

I was having a conversation with a paramedic partner of mine who said he owed $7,200.00 on his credit card.  “Dave, aren’t you concerned?” I asked. ”

“Nah, I will do some overtime, when the time comes.” Dave said.

“Dave, we take home about $150.00 dollars for each overtime shift. That means you would have to do 47 shifts of overtime if you can get the shifts.  Plus, you take college classes and have a wife. When exactly do you plan on doing these shifts?”

Dave thought for a few minutes, “You’re right, if I had to do 2 shifts a week, I wouldn’t be paid off for 24 weeks.  If I can get the overtime.  Plus there is nothing to say I would not charge more in those weeks.”

“I am glad you see the nature of the problem.  We are just digging a bigger hole every time we do overtime, earning, paying taxes and sliding further in debt. We can forget about the diving cruise you talked about or taking your wife to Europe.  Lets put an end to charge and Overtime. We should also have your own business and be making money using leverage and automated business on-line.


The Limited Mindset

We are brought up conditioned that you get paid by the hour and get overtime for hours over 40 hours in a week.  We learn to charge things on credit and play catch up.  The problem with trading hours for money is we only have 168 hours in a week.  We are limited by our thought of trading time for money.

What if we could make money based on the value we offer people rather than the hours we work for others?  We are all held back by our limited thinking.

I explained this to Dave and he replied, ” You cannot make money other than showing up for a job.”

“Sure you can Dave.  If you think like the owner and provide value to people you can make money out of proportion to your available: For example, my book, The Downwind Walk   A USAR Paramedics experience’s after the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001 is for sale on Authorhouse.com.   I wrote the book and sell it on-line.  I did the work and produced a product.  I get a check every quarter based on sales I make.  Although it is not a lot, I am bringing on money while doing other things.”

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Changing Your Mindset

“Dave, we are limited by our mindset of working the hour for dollar rat race.  We were brought up that way and we have to change for the new times.  I have enjoyed working by the hour and then teaching.  But now I am working on building a business I can make income from on the side.  Maybe one day I can retire and travel rather than have to work 50 hours a week and spend my days off resting.  My friend Matt Lloyd wrote a book called Limitless, Escape the Rat Race and Make Money in the New Economy.  If you want I can have him send you a copy.”

My friend Matt Lloyd wrote a book called Limitless, Escape the Rat Race and Make Money in the New Economy.  If you want I can have him send you a copy.”

Dave thought for a second, “The book is free?  I guess it can’t hurt to read a free book.”

“I’m telling you dave, making money based on value and knowledge is much better than being paid by the hour. Take a second now and e-mail Matt so he can send you a free book.  I don’t know if he can keep giving out books for long.

Travel and deduct Your Trip

“I know you like to travel dave.  Would you like to be able to travel and deduct the money you spend?”

Dave replied, “How can I do that?”

“Dave, you can attend a seminar and deduct the costs if you have your own business.” I went to Jamaica and Las Vegas last year. I am really looking forward to going to Costa Rica and seeing the island while learning h”w to run my business, invest in real estate and buy stocks.

Where do I find out about that Steve?”   CLICK Here to sign up for a business seminar you can deduct.


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