Don’t Hesitate Are You Going to Australia?



Reach your goals by taking action:

Are You “Going to Australia?”

When I was in my 20’s I was working hard as a paramedic in the Bronx and dreamed of going to Australia.

I had seen first-hand evidence short life could be and we should live our life up front, not on the back-end.

I talked about going to Australia, I researched it and thought about it. I analyzed and dreamed until I found a friend who would go with me. A partner in my journey.  I finally took action and booked the trip to Australia.

I learned the longest part of any goal is from the brain to the hand.  Transforming the idea or dream to reality takes a decision and action.  Once you flip that switch the energy flows and the bright lights shine on your ambitions.


The decision to go was realized by the action to book the trip because I had a friend to go with and took action.

I actually have been thinking about starting this site to help people reach ambition for a long time. Today I said enough!” I am going to sit down and do this now before I do anything else.  (This is why started!)


Enough! We all know what we want in life.

We need a plan on how to reach our goals and enjoy the life we really want to live.

I always wanted to go to Australia and finally booked the trip.

What is it that you want to achieve??

We have a tendency to analyze and plan rather than do and achieve.

 More accurately, we have a tendency to fear the criticism of other rather than see ourselves enjoying our achievement.

We all know that we need money to achieve our goals.

Doing overtime for money is a losing proposition and it can disappear as quick as the overtime comes.


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images (9)

Wouldn’t you rather be home or on vacation making money instead of at work all the time?  

How many times have you got injured doing overtime?  What are you missing at home while you’re at work? 


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