Earn $49.00 tips

When I eat at a restaurant I always leave a tip for the waitress.  I generally leave 15 to 20% tip.  I feel good service and hard work should be rewarded.  

When I stay at a hotel I always leave a tip because they work too hard and get paid too little for the work they do. (I think it is a shame these large corporations don’t pay house staff decent wages.)

I have left $50 dollar tips when I see a waitress who is working toward a goal.  I have left a tip as big as $150.00 for a person who is working hard and focused on reaching her goal.

 I admire people who want to succeed and are not stopped by obstacles.

Have you ever earned a $49.00 tip? How did you feel?

I have a tremendous amount of respect for people who do the same job every day working long hours for uncertain income in tips. 

I could not do the same thing every day.  The only solace I would have been thinking of the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray and trying to do better each day and be nice to people.

What really drives me crazy is when I see someone who is working to support kids, pay the rent and trying to go to school and they get less than minimum wage!

Are you ready to make more money and spend more time doing what you like?

-Be home with your kids

-Be able to travel and enjoy  life

-Continue your education without having to worry about paying the rent?

-Have your own income stream that you control?


What do you think 8 hours of your time is worth?

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